Macpie Berhad
Macpie Berhad

We Are

Macpie Berhad, formerly known as Sterling Progress, changed its name on the 3rd of April 2019. Macpie Berhad is a listed company under the Ace Market of Bursa Malaysia since 2007. The Company has undergone a tremendous transformation and has set its sights on becoming an innovative management solutions company. The company acquired Macpie Pro Sdn Bhd in 2018 as a new venture into the event and artist management industry, which currently extends the company’s strategic business ecosystem into four core segments; namely in retail space management, financial solutions, ICT products supply & distribution, and event management. Ever thinking forward, Macpie Berhad is continuously looking for new ways to diversify and expand its strategic business ecosystem to provide budding SMEs with the best innovative management solutions.

Macpie Berhad
Moving Forward 2019

After acquiring MacpiePro in April of 2018, Macpie Berhad has gained a strong reputation in the event management and entertainment industry. In December of 2018 and January 2019, Macpie Berhad established two new companies, Macpie Entertainment and Macpie Equipment respectively. The company then inducted two new members with expertise in the media and entertainment industry to the Board of Directors on the 30th of January 2019. With their indispensable industry knowledge, the company believes that they will contribute to the future growth of the event management and entertainment industry and not just the company itself. Moving forward, Macpie Berhad foresees that their new venture will bring positive results to the performance of the company.

Our Mission

Ultimately transform and liven up the current business model to empower the defined industry ecosystem.

Our Vision

To be the leading Innovative Management Solutions company in South East Asia that delivers forward thinking integrated topology to shape optimization of SME businesses.

Core Values